RecyclePak Lamp, Ballast, Battery, Mercury Waste and E-Waste Recycling
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Lamp, Ballast, Battery, Mercury and Electronics Recycling

Recycling and Disposal Has Never Been Easier!

With RecyclePak®, lamp recycling is easy....and so is recycling ballast, batteries, mercury, and electronics. One price includes everything you need to recycle including shipping to and from your facility, packaging, recycling and written compliance documentation. How easy is that?

Our mail-back program for commonly generated and Universal Waste including fluorescent lamps, ballast, batteries, computer electronics, dental waste and mercury waste

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Our mail-back program for medical waste sharps and medical waste. Our authorized and licensed containers are returned for processing by the United States Postal Service.

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Our mail-back programs for recalls, returns and limited quantity hazardous materials including Non-DEA Pharmaceuticals and COD vials. Contact us for a customized program.

We stock a variety of spill kits, liners, drums, boxes and pails that can be used to clean up, store and ship a variety of wastes. No processing or return shipping is included with these supplies

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