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Mail-Back Program for Sharps & Regulated Medical Waste

Veolia's mail-back SHARPS+PAK® program is an all-inclusive solution for the simplified management of used needles, syringes and other small quantities of medical waste.

Our program is ideal for businesses that would not normally accumulate large quantities of medical waste, such as home health care providers, alternate site medical facilities, dental offices and veterinarian clinics. The program is also great for home use for diabetic needle disposal, syringes and other injected medications.

The SHARPS+PAK® program offers several different sizes of sharps disposal mail back systems, as well as non-liquid medical waste mail back disposal options. It includes everything needed for proper containment, transportation and treatment of medical waste, sharps, unused medications and used healthcare materials.

Our approved SHARPS+PAK® program includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Variety of FDA approved mailable sharps containers
  • Pre-paid and pre-addressed return shipping labels
  • Pre-paid disposal
  • Tracking documents for compliance


  • Reduces operating costs in retrieval of patient waste
  • Mailback system is proven, convenient and easy to use
  • Most cost effective mailback program on the market
  • Compliant with all applicable regulations
  • Convenient transportation via the U.S. Postal Service

Replacing your current pick-up service with our mail-back service could be a very effective way of reducing your overall medical waste disposal costs.

How the SHARPS+PAK® Program Works

When drug therapy has ended or when the sharps container is full, the sharps container is placed back into the provided return packaging. The return packaging and the enclosed sharps container are then mailed to a treatment facility for destruction. The weight and destruction of each system is documented. Hard copy certification of proper disposal is then sent to the generator.

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